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RiteVia Engword is a free language learning tool that emphasizes learning-through-listening, virtually the way any native language speaker uses. Its main goal is to increase the efficiency and improve the quality of language learning. Isn't it marvelous that a three years old child can listen and speak his or her mother tongue with no difficulty? In a sense, this is because the child is "forced" to listen to others in his or her daily life. Listening and then mimicking is an important stage of any language learning. While listening and mimicking alone is not enough to master a language, it is a main factor that makes a difference between a native language speaker and a foreigner.

RiteVia Engword, previously known as Engword, came into existence in the late '90s. It was initially designed for learning English only, but later for learning both English and Chinese. Major revisions have been done in recent versions to address the issue that, as pointed out by some users, there were too many options and hidden functions in earlier versions. After a long time of development, RiteVia Engword has now become a unique and popular language learning tool (user surveys show that more than 90% of the users think it is unique and very useful and almost one half of the users who learn English or Chinese as a foreign language think it is indispensable for improving their learning efficiency). RiteVia Engword runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

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